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Maintaining your edge environment is now essential to keeping your business infrastructure stable. Traditionally people have not had visibility of their edge, but the growing reliance in this area means we require a clear view at all times.

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Remote monitoring of your DC estate 24/7 ensures you stay ahead of the game and retain 100% operational efficiency.

EIT - EfficiencyIT web graphic

What does success look like?

Whatever your business plan, the vital component critical to success is what technology underpins your structure. What holds the business together.


From leak detection to UPS to checking up on your cooling systems, visibility is key at all times. Having all aspects of your DC monitored is common sense and should be common place in your IT toolkit.

EIT - EfficiencyIT web graphic
EIT - EfficiencyIT web graphic

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We use industry leading tools to deliver accurate reportage of your critical infrastructure.

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